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In Bangladesh, Pragya is working to address the vulnerable & marginalised communities of ‘charlands’ (sand bars within the river channels and those attached to riverbanks), as well as their sensitive ecosystem. We are addressing the critical needs of water and sanitation, livelihoods and disaster preparedness, and also working to prevent violence against women and girls. Current interventions are addressing ‘charlands’ of Munshiganj district, and will be expanded to cover charlands across 10 districts in Dhaka Division. Research is also under way into climate change associated vulnerability and the issue of trafficking of women and girls. 

Bangladesh is among the top 5 countries with highest disaster risk, and the most vulnerable country in South Asia, with 140 million people at significant risk to more than one natural hazard. Storms (cyclones) and floods account for majority of natural hazards in Bangladesh. Each year 26000 people lose their land to floods/erosion. 

Pragya works to facilitate effective collaborative response to disasters and to empower last-mile communities for disaster risk reduction. Our program comprises Emergency Response, Rehabilitation, & Building Resilience, and is characterized by: priority for especially vulnerable regions& marginalized communities, integrating technology & innovative solutions into sustainable, area-specific programs and participation of local communities and various stakeholders for risk management.

Pragya Solutions is coordinating activities implemented in Bangladesh in partnership with local grassroots organisations. 

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Help rebuild lives in flood-hit 'char' islands

'Chars' or River Islands in Bangladesh experience devastating floods almost every year. To rebuild livelihoods of flood affected communities, Pragya is undertaking initiatives such as livestock distribution.

Your generous support can help us rebuild lives of 'Char' dwellers...

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